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Best Review H&L Patio Outdoor Garden 7-Piece Patio Set

  • Modern day 7-piece separable open air furniture set offers in-vogue, and happy with relaxing taking care of business; Ideal for yard, patio, poolside or garden style.
  • The 4 seating pieces are all exclusively isolated permitting reworking of seats to one's preferring; Strong rust-verification aluminum edge and all rattan wicker.
  • The pads have removable spreads for simple cleaning. There are two arrangements of pad spreads (dim and beige,suggest hand wash ) all for free in order to amaze your visitors with the exquisite look.
  • Pre-assembled already for you; For measurements refer to the photo with definite guidelines.
  • Set incorporates: 3 X corner sofa;2 x center sofa;1 x ottoman;1 x espresso/coffee table with tempered glass;5 x situate pads ;8 x back cushions;2 x sets of pad spreads (dark and beige ); 8 x sectional connectors


H&L furniture

H&L furniture


H&L Patio Outdoor Garden 7-Piece Patio Set Pros

  • Weatherproof
  • Good price
  • Pre-assembled, no assembly required
  • 5-star satisfaction from current users
  • Very comfortable
  • Provides  two different sets of covers


H&L Patio Outdoor Garden 7-Piece Patio Set Cons

  • None recorded so far. Usually customers will have issues with assembly instructions or rust issues. Since this furniture set comes pre-assembled, it takes out the headache.  So far, no  recorded rust complaints from customers.


H&L furniture

H&L furniture


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